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  • My AC smells bad when I turn it on. What to do?

    There are several reasons for an unpleasant odor, such as mold or algae on the evaporator coil, drain pan, or air filter. Our expert maintenance services can help you eliminate all residual smells for a fresh start to the season.
  • Why is my AC leaking water inside?

    The most common cause of water leaking from your AC unit into your home is a clogged condensate drain pipe. Water backs up your home if the drain line becomes clogged with dust, debris, sludge, or mold. Our experts can help you unclog it – give us a call today!c
  • AC is not cooling properly. Can you help?

    The heart of an AC unit, which is responsible for cooling, is the compressor. If the air conditioner isn't cooling, there's a possibility that the compressor could be broken – our experts have you all covered! Contact us today for more information.
  • My AC is making weird noises. Is there an underlying problem?

    If your AC is making a shrieking noise, it could indicate a problem with the fan motor. This sound could also be produced by a faulty motor in the condenser system's compressor. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you fix it!
  • Why is my AC tripping the breaker?

    The AC breaker trips when there is a short circuit, the air conditioner overheats, or a part fails or malfunctions. If you continue to use your AC, you could risk permanently damaging it. Get professional help as soon as you can!